Sanjay Kumar
(Chief Controlling Officer)

Email : sanjay@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

Sanjay Kumar is the Chief Controlling Officer of D.D. Builders & Construction Co. overseeing all aspects of the company, additionally shouldering the responsibilities of acquiring and developing residential complexes.Sanjay Kumar started his career in the field at an early age of 19 years. Over a period of about 25 years he graduated from a site worker to building and establishing D.D. Builders & Construction Co. as one of the prominent developer and construction entity and has forayed into the international markets of real estate.

He is known for his high-quality and cutting-edge insights in the real estate field. He has built the company with a reputation based on integrity and vision. Through his qualities as a seasoned visionary Sanjay Kumar is leading D.D. Builders & Construction Co. in further strengthening its presence in more countries.

Narender Kumar Bhati
(Controlling Officer)

Email : narender@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

Young, dynamic and outgoing, Narender Kumar Bhati is one of the few young and experienced members of the real estate fraternity. His energy in itself reflects his profile.

Narender Kumar Bhati has been involved with most aspects of the company's extensive development. He plays an instrumental role in acquiring and developing land for commercial purposes. He is known for his professional acumen at the negotiating table.

Sarbjeet Singh
(Controlling Officer)

Email : sarbjeetsingh@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

Sarbjeet Singh is a veteran in the field of marketing and communication. He has an experience of nearly four decades behind him. He has played a prominent role in shaping communications of several companies and has been instrumental in evolving marketing strategies of a number of companies in their infancy.

Sarbjeet Singh has an extensive experience in community association too through communication strategies involving social responsibilities. He believes in clear and upright communications.

Balwinder Singh
(Sr. Managing Officer)

Email : balwindersingh@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

A thorough professional, Mr. Balwinder Singh looks after the projects undertaken by the company. He shoulders the responsibilities of supervising complete activities for the smooth functioning of all projects.

Mr. Balwinder Singh has risen from lower rungs to holding a position of responsibility in the company.

Parminder Singh
(Sr. Managing Officer)

Email : parmindersingh@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

Parminder Singh is a proficient handler of all aspects concerning the human resources dept. With years of experience working in diverse sectors as banking, retail and associating herself with a chain business - He has mastered the deft skills in handling and motivating personnel to the utmost advantage of the company.

Parminder Singh is honest and sincere towards his and strives to be a pillar of strength in her department.

Arvind Sharma
(Sr. Managing Officer)

Email : arvind@ddbuildersconstructionco.com

Arvind Sharma, an enthusiastic young professional, is instrumental in binding together the various departments of the company. He plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of all departments and ensures that no disruption takes place for lack of any internal infrastructural and logistic support as may be required at any given point of time.

Arvind Sharma has a knack to solve any issue which may seem herculean to tackle. He is one of the young members of our company.